A Royal Voyage

Posted 09 January 2020

For our guests with adventurous spirit or for those who want to relax and take in the scenery, we offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity – a retro train tour with different compositions of retro trains.

Our suggested program features a real steam loco­mo­tive paint­ed in green with bright red wheels and coal-black­ened engine driv­ers, as though tak­en from a fairy tale illus­tra­tion. The anti­quat­ed engine puffs, smokes, lets off clouds of steam, nois­i­ly releas­es air and, to everyone’s joy the pierc­ing whis­tle is sound­ed, rais­ing huge white clouds of steam in the air.

The composition consists of Corona Express wagon of 1938 (the train of Tsar Boris III) and the wagon restaurant of Vitosha Express (the train of Bulgaria’s Communist leader Todor Zhivkov). 

You would start your trip in Sofia and head through the Balkan mountain, enjoying the beauty and variety of Bulgaria’s nature as well as the cultural-historical inheritance of our nation. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures, easily turning the locomotive cruise into photo safari.

The feel­ing when trav­el­ling on the Roy­al Train is like being rocked in a boat on a quite riv­er. There is no sway­ing along the rails, the move­ment is gen­tle and sup­ple and con­sid­er­a­bly qui­et­er than on the famil­iar trains. Doubt­less­ly, the tun­ing of the car­riage back in mon­ar­chy times shows what it is like to trav­el in a gen­u­ine qual­i­ty and per­fect­ly main­tained car­riage.

During your trip we can arrange catering and subtle music performance on board taking the experience to the next level.

In less than 3 hours ride you will embark at the small town of Koprivshtitsa – a real open-air museum nestled at the footsteps of the mountain – the symbol of Bulgaria’s revival. This town will instantly enchant you with its colorful houses, bubbly streams, traditional setting and peaceful ambience.

Koprivshtitsa was once the heart of Bulgaria’s revolution against the Ottomans and the revolutionary spirit can be felt at every corner. The town has been an architectural and historical reserve, with a total of 388 architectural, historical, artistic, and ethnographic monuments. In 1978, it was recognized as a national architectural reserve of international importance.

To top off your authentic experience we will organize lunch at the oldest school in Bulgaria, established back in 1837.

The entire trip would take less than a day to complete and will leave you full of impressions and memories. An incentive suitable for groups up to 60 guests.

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