SPA & Wellness in Bulgaria

Posted 26 March 2020

In the modern city lifestyle there are plenty of trendy habits for active and healthy living. Along with our dynamic work and daily routines we cause plenty of stress to our body and mind. But there always comes the moment we need to stop, to recover and recharge. One of the best ways are the SPA and Wellness procedures and the perfect destination for this is Bulgaria.

There are over 500 mostly warm mineral water springs in our relatively small country and many of them are developed as SPA and Wellness centers. Any procedure and treatment you can think of is offered here, amidst the breathtaking nature that the country has by default. 

A few of the most popular places for you next SPA vacation or incentive trip are:


The small town located at central Bulgaria only 40km from Plovdiv was developed as SPA centre by the ancient Romans and since the 2nd century is a hot spot by all means.


Only an hour drive from the capital Sofia this little town can boost Europe’s hottest mineral water spring – 103 degrees by Celsius. No worries, we do not throw people there as punishment, but cooling the water and enjoying the breathtaking views of Bulgaria’s highest mountains of Rila.


With over 80 mineral water springs the small mountain town can easily be named the SPA capital of Bulgaria. There are plenty superior hotels which Insight events uses often for special events and business meetings.



This is Sofia’s “private” SPA centre. Although the oldest public bath opened in 1911 is not in use right now, the town has great number of modern hotels for recreation or just relaxation.


Bulgaria’s sunniest town. With average 2650 hours of sunshine Sandanski is as sunny as Spain’s Costa Brava and French Cote d’Azur. We can add the beautiful Pirin mountains, Mediterranean wind and over 20 mineral water springs to make this place a perfect spot for SPA and wellness.

And here is a little-known fact - the ancient Greek philosopher Hypocrites first used mineral water as a way of recreation. He applied it over the Olympic Game’s sportsman.

So, let’s do it as our ancestors and give a break to the body in a perfect place like Bulgaria using the services of the incentive masters from Insight Events Bulgaria.