Top 5 Places in Bulgaria for Incentive Trip

Posted 29 July 2019

Are you bored from the same old crowded and expensive destinations? Are you tired of searching for something new and exciting? Wonder no more. Discover Bulgaria – a crossroad of civilizations, center of cultural heritage, offering perfect weather all year round, delicious cuisine, unique venues and unmatched value for money. An unexplored destination, easily reachable, safe and friendly. In two words – totally worth it!

Here are our top 5 places in the country worth considering for your next incentive trip.

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The “Bulgarian UFO” – the abandoned Buzludzha Monument

Posted 08 November 2019

Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria presents to you one little known architectural jewel.

In Shipka Pass, on the top of 1441m peak in the mountainous scenery of central Bulgaria, a UFO-shaped building stands like a watchtower. This concrete giant on Buzludzha mountain is the former Headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party and it’s beaming up increasing numbers of curious visitors.

Right in the heart of Bulgaria, the Buzludzha monument’s sci-fi architecture, history and setting cast a powerful spell.

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